Terms and Conditions

We cannot give awards to teams with members on US terrorist lists or those subject to sanctions. Sponsor may confirm the legality of sending prize money to winners who are residents of countries outside of the United States. Only authors on awarded papers are winners. All decisions of judges are final. The legality of accepting the prize in his or her country is the responsibility of the winners. All taxes are the responsibility of the winners. Employees of the funding party and contest organizers are not eligible to win prizes. Entrants must be over the age of 18. By entering the contest, entrants agree to the Terms & Conditions. Entrants agree that the funding party shall not be liable to entrants for any type of damages that arise out of or are related to the contest and/or the prizes. By submitting an entry, entrant represents and warrants that, consistent with the terms of the Terms and Conditions: (a) the entry is entrant’s original work; (b) entrant owns any copyright applicable to the entry; (c) the entry does not violate, in whole or in part, any existing copyright, trademark, patent or any other intellectual property right of any other person, organization or entity; (d) entrant has confirmed and is unaware of any contractual obligations entrant has which may be inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions and the rights entrant is required to have in the entry, including but not limited to any prohibitions, obligations or limitations arising from any current or former employment arrangement entrant may have; (e) entrant is not disclosing the confidential, trade secret or proprietary information of any other person or entity, including any obligation entrant may have in connection arising from any current or former employment, without authorization or a license; and (f) entrant has full power and all legal rights to submit an entry in full compliance with these Terms and Conditions.